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    Growing up in suburban Albuquerque, a dry land-locked environment, the pool was an object of fascination. In my early twenties I took a job as a pool cleaner as a way to explore a curiosity I had about swimming pools; during this time I photographed many of the pools I cleaned.

    Most of my photographs depict pools overtaking the backyards the have been built into. They are often straddled by cinderblock walls or chain link fences. Amid this awkwardness the pools are still beautiful. Their beauty is not the kind of beauty we see in an un-altered body of water. It is very much a human construct, it a chemically perfected and mechanically controlled. The pool is representative of humans’ ability to harness nature to our own means and for our private use and ownership. The pool is also a luxury item. It is very expensive and requires a large amount of maintenance. Yet for an item of this nature, many of swimming pools I cleaned were seldom used. The desire for the pool seemed to supercede its functionality. The photographs reveal the beauty of the pools as well as the desires they embody.