2 March 2015

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Installation view, Manifest Destiny (solo show incorporating works from: Delphinindin, Into the Sunset, and Mockingbird) at the Tremaine Gallery, Lakeville, CT, 2013.


These images depicts a mixture of cut and artificial flowers. The forms and patterns in these images reference décor, natural plant growth, and genetic structures. One of the prints, Delphinidin, uses the molecular structure of delphinidin, a rare pigment that creates blue colors in flowers. This pigment is highly coveted by horticulturists and bioengineers who have been trying to merge it with roses for almost 170 years. The blue rose is often thought of as the “holy grail” of the flower industry. The use of real and artificial flowers echoes the construct, perfection and beauty of one another and speaks to human’s desire for control and perfection.

© 2017 Leigh Merrill, All Rights Reserved

Water Rose, 20 x 20 inches, pigment print

Camouflage, 20 x 25 inches, pigment print

Composite Bouquet, 25 x 25 inches, pigment print

Blue Bundle, 18 x 31 inches, pigment print

Flower IV, 35 x 50 inches, pigment print

Flower II, 25 x 32 inches, pigment print