2 March 2015

Bushes, 30 x 38 inches, pigment print

Convergence, 20 x 23 inches, pigment print

The Streets project — images that waver between reality and fantasy — arose from my ongoing interests in regionalism, and more specifically in the cultural signifiers of particular places.

While exploring the urban environment of the San Francisco Bay Area, I became fascinated by its complexity and motivated by curiosity about the architecture that surrounds us and how it reflects larger ideas of beauty, class, romanticism and even perfection. I started to photograph homes, and eventually photographed thousands; I then digitally assembled and reassembled these photographs to create new images; each is typically made from several photographs of individual houses combined with tens to hundreds of smaller bits and pieces from other photographs of houses in the region. At first these images might look plausible; but closer inspection reveals that they are fabricated, and in fact illogical.

I am fascinated by how seemingly insignificant elements, like small plots of lawn or idiosyncratic topiaries, can hint at who we are. In this project my intention is to mix fact and fiction to open up questions and conversations about our individual desires and collective ideals.

BLDGBLOG: Sutured San Francisco

Places Journal: Streets

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Christmas, 25 x 34 inches, pigment print

White Street, 18 x 40 inches, pigment print

Fulton Street, 24 x 54 inches, pigment print

Airy Street, 24 x 40 inches, pigment print

Ocean Street, 20 x 40 inches, pigment print

Ocean Circle, 24 x 52 inches, pigment print

Sunset Bulbs, 18 x 31, pigment print

Jean St, 22 x 52 inches, pigment print

Ocean Place, 18 x 51 inches, pigment print

Pebble Street, 20 x 28 inches, pigment print