2 March 2015

Installation View, dual projections,  solo exhibition at WTW Gallery, Austin, TX, 2013

(left) Still, 2 minute excerpt from 7.5 minute looping HD video

I make thousands of individual photographs, videos and audio recordings while exploring a city or neighborhood. In the studio, I digitally assemble and re-assemble these sources to create new photographs and videos of imaginary spaces.

Utilizing warehouse imagery that goes on and on, the photographs and videos in this project are spaces that feel vaguely familiar but not place-able. Looking at light industrial landscapes as source imagery to build from, these images tap into some of the conscious and subconscious visual cues, barriers and borders we create – a language that is shared by urban, suburban and rural spaces. There is a flatness and silence to these places that make us feel we are watching a stage set and at a moment either right before or right after an event. The videos are almost still – seemingly suspended in a single moment. The movements in the videos are the ambient changes in an environment: leaves fluttering in the wind, the movement of clouds, light and shadows shifting on the street. The subtly of the movement in these videos share as much with photographs as moving images: the vantage point is fixed and the stillness of the scene is amplified by the faint changes in each environment.

Click here for a link to the Still exhibition catalog with essay by Charissa Terranova: Merrill Still Catalog

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video still from Still, 7.5 minute looping HD video


video still from Still, 7.5 minute looping HD video



Installation View from Fictional/Familiar, two person show at Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2013. The Strip is a 6 panel photographic installation.


The Strip, Panel 4, 20 x 34 inches, pigment print


The Strip, Panel 5, 20 x 44 inches, pigment print



The Strip, Panel 6, 20 x 46 inches, pigment print